Mrs. Fenner’s program was so incredibly helpful in taking the SAT, especially in the language composition and vocabulary section and little ways to improve your score without going through the task of memorizing the dictionary. My second run at the test after working with Mrs. Fenners resulted in a very pleasing increase in my score.

~Hannah H.- Cambodia


Mrs Funners is great at explaining all the different aspects of the SAT. She is able to break it down into the three topics; reading, writing, and mathematics, and then expand on all three. Her teaching style is laid-back and very enjoyable. I really never found myself being bored in a single session. Overall, I really love her teaching because it is interesting; it really did improve my skills with the SAT.

– Seth H.-Cambodia


As a parent, I was thrilled to find someone like Mrs. Fenners with the knowledge & experience needed to help my children succeed at the SAT & ACT assessment exams. I was impressed with her professionalism and the way she made learning “fun” and practical for my children. She also gave online resources & homework to keep them accountable in the process. Her willingness to work with our unique living situation to tutor my children on Skype was a definite perk. I was encouraged to see their scores go up, and more importantly, for them to enter the SAT with the confidence they needed to perform well.

Mrs. Jeannie H.- Cambodia


Coming from someone who is not a fan of school and especially big tests, I have to say that this SAT tutoring was a great help. Mrs. Fenners made the tutoring sessions fun and enjoyable. She made you feel so welcome and made you feel that you were one of her own kids. She spent quality time with me and helped me through the difficult sections of the test. I highly recommend taking these tutoring sessions. You’re going to be glad you did.

David B.-  NJ


Our son was always a good and conscientious student, but test taking had never been his strong point. What we appreciated about the SAT prep with Christie Fenners was that he not only learned the subject content, but also strategies for completing the exam. Christie’s ability to communicate and encourage gave him confidence in what would have been an overwhelming experience.

Doreen B.- NJ


Not only did our son’s SAT scores exceed our expectations, he had fun and looked forward to going to his SAT/ACT prep times. We highly recommend using Christie and are extremely happy with the results!

Craig and Debbie G. – NJ


The SAT is a scary obstacle in any high school student’s career, but with the help of Mrs. Fenners, it definitely became easier. She helped me find tricks to beating both the SAT and ACT; those tricks helped increase my PSAT score to my SAT score by nearly 200 points! The classes were not overbearing and Mrs. Fenners helped make it easy to fit the test prep into my already packed schedule of sports and school. If I were to take either test again, I would definitely turn to Mrs. Fenners for the boost I need to get the scores I desire.

Ethan G. – NJ


We are so glad that Michael did his SAT prep with Christie Fenners. Her enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of the test kept him engaged and focused. His score went up 150 points and we know it was entirely due to the prep, as he did not do any practice or SAT homework on his own. I highly recommend SAT prep with Christie Fenners.

Amanda W. – NJ

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