Why this course/individualized instruction.

Individualized Instruction…the Key to Success!

I went to a locally offered group course when I was preparing for college. They told me that if I was a good student, I should guess on all the questions I didn’t know. That was incredibly damaging, negligent advice. I was an A student, but not a great test-taker. My scores reflected the poor instruction and I was devastated when a classmate said to me, “ I thought you were smart.” I’ve never forgotten that comment.IMG_2682

I’ve worked with students for over 20 years preparing them for the SAT. Many of my students have already tried the local ‘boot-camps’ and courses offered at their high school. I’ve even worked with students who have gone to nationally known courses. Their complaint is the same; they hated the course and it didn’t get them the “guaranteed” results.

There are many options when it comes to SAT/ACT prep. That’s why I offer a complimentary consultation for parents and students. I want my clients to be confident that my program can make the difference. I’ve developed a course that focuses on tips and strategies that transfer to any test that they will encounter. The prep is comprehensive and intensive. I teach students to think logically, under time constraints, for optimal results. My students have renewed confidence and a very specific plan of attack. They will know exactly how to take the test and work towards getting the score they desire.

Years ago, my parents thought they were doing the right thing for me, but they didn’t get the bargain they’d hoped for. I’m committed to making my instruction affordable and worthwhile. It takes an investment of time and my commitment is to expertly guide students as they prepare for a very challenging test. I’ve found that individualized instruction is the key to success; now, you can too.